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Safeguard Pioneers of Excellence
Company Overview
Gaia Consult is the very first environmental and social safeguard consulting firm based in South Korea. With extensive field-based experiences, Gaia Consult provides customized consulting services for a range of infrastructure/climate change/renewable energy development projects anywhere in the world to meet the clients' needs and beyond.
Gaia Consult is an institutional member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). E&S Safeguard support for Global Funding: Gaia Consult. has contributed to successful approval of a project proposal for agro-photovoltaic (APV) development in Fiji from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) by developing its environmental and social management plan (ESMP), gender assessment (GA) and gender action plan (GAP). Gaia Consult has also contributed through environmental and social safeguard consulting to a climate adaptation project in a coastal region in Vietnam, which received funding from Adaptation Fund (AF). Gaia Consult is an institutional member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).
Company History
  • JuneStarted consulting for Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) for Climate Financing Support with GBRW Consulting Co
  • MarchAcquired Patent for “ICT Integration for Socio-economic Survey and Analysis” (KIPO, Ref. No. 10-2513411)
  • NovSigned MoU with ER-Marine on Offshore Wind Power Development
  • JuneGaia Consult Inc. R&D department established.
  • JanGaia Consult Inc. Office expanded and relocated (to Jung-gu, Da-dong, Seoul Korea)
  • JuneCertified as a performance-sharing company
  • AprilReceived confirmation letter confirming Gaia Consutl Inc. as a Women’s Enterprise
  • JanGaia Consult Inc. office relocates.
  • OctAwarded IAIA Innovation Grant 2020 from the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)
  • DecGCF Fiji Agro-photovoltaic (APV) Project Gaia Consult’s approved with GC’s ESMP, GA & GAP contribution (SAP 016)
  • DecGaia Consult Inc. registered to participate in competitive bidding with the Public Procurement Service
  • DecGaia Consult Inc. founded
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Gaia Consult Inc. is positioned as a pioneer in E&S safeguard consulting for international development, climate change and renewable energy cooperation projects. GC’s track-record is one of a kind in Korea. While its consulting services so far have been customized for Korean clients (both government/public and private) that wish to proactively cooperate with international/overseas partners, international investors who wish to invest in energy projects in Korea are increasingly seeking us out, too.
Ensuring internationally required E&S safeguard standards for your investment plans and projects will give you a firm foundation to go further and higher in the long term. GC wishes to be your partner. Thank you.
Safeguard Pioneers Of Excellence
Gaia Consult is Korea’s first environmental and social safeguard consulting firm that applies international level safeguard standards. Through Gaia Consult services, clients can set a firm foundation to ensure sustainability and effectively manage environmental and social risks in preparing and implementing their development/investment activities.
With the world facing a series of challenges, such as climate change and food and energy crises, environmental and social. safeguards are gaining more attention as their topical scope and standards steadily level up. This is one of the most important areas in the broader sphere of ESG consulting.
Gaia Consult. has been a partner for successful bids to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Adaptation Fund (AF).
Gaia Consult is an institutional member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).
RM2008 & 2010, 40, Namdaemun-ro 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea