Gaia Consult Inc
Gaia Consult is the very first consulting firm based in Korea that specializes in environmental
and social safeguard applications for sustainable development, climate change and
renewable energy development projects, with an overarching aim to protect ecosystems,
the environment and human communities.
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What are environmental and
social safeguards?
“Environmental and Social Safeguards” (“Safeguards”) are a system of policies, standards, operational procedures and sets of good practices that are designed to prevent, minimize or offset/compensate any significant negative environmental or social risks or impacts, while optimizing sustainable development effects related to preparation, implementation and operation of projects and activities tackling sustainable and renewable energy and climate change.
Our Achievements

Gaia Consult provides customized consulting services to a range of clients, including government and public international development/environment/climate change international cooperation organizations (both international and domestic) and development financial institutions and ODA implementing agencies. Gaia Consult also supports private sector entities that are developing and implementing projects in project conceptualization, feasibility studies and proposal development (through environmental & social screening, scoping and impact assessment etc.) and in project implementation (through E&S due diligence and monitoring support). Gaia Consult also provides consulting for organizations preparing their own E&S management systems. Gaia Consult also continuously creates value through knowledge sharing and capacity building for various entities and project stakeholders.

E&S Safeguard Applications for International Development Cooperation Projects

1) [Preliminary E&S Analysis (Screening & Scoping) during Feasibility Studies]

2) [Environmental and Social Impact Assessment]

3) [Environmental and Social Impact Monitoring]

4) [Gender Assessment and Gender Action Plans]

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Environmental and Social Management System (ESMP) Development

Development of Safeguard Policy and Operational Manual for the Economic Development Promotion Fund (EDPF)

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Environmental and Social Support for Project Preparation and Proposal to International Organizations (IOs) and Funds

Support for review of environmental and social management plans and preparation of proposals related to climate change adaptation projects along the coast of Vietnam

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Education, Training, Capacity Building on E&S Safeguards

Green Technology Center: Lecture on Safeguard applications to Korea-ASEAN climate technology cooperation programs

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Our Clients
GC News
Gaia Consult continuously extends the E&S safeguard knowledge frontier through cumulating experiences in combining global safeguard standards and principles with its own field-based project identification and solution practices. Gaia Consult is a constantly evolving learning organization with pragmatism and heuristics as its core epistemic principles.
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Gaia Consult Co.,Ltd. acquired patent for "ICT Investigation & Socioeconomic survey & Analysis
 In March 2023, Gaia Consult Co., Ltd. applied for a patent for the "Social and Economic Status Investigation and Analysis System for Development Projects Applying ICT Technology".This patent makes it easier and more effective to use handwritten surveys with the development of communication network technology using ICT technology using a survey software template. Starting with this patent, Gaia Consult Co., Ltd. plans to patent that can be used in development cooperation and in many ways. 
Lee Eun-young, CEO of Gaia Consult INC. announced the safeguards policy of international development
Incheon International Development Center holds a seminar to promote international cooperation in cli
Lecture Invited by the Korea Petrochemical Association
IAIA(International Association Impact Assessment)' 2020 Innovation Grant corporate recipient
Lee Eun-young, CEO of Gaia Consulting Co., Ltd., participated as a KOICA STEP UP PROGRAM instructor
Workshop on the proposal of a green climate fund development project invited by the Korea Institute
Meeting with the Women's Commission in Sindh, Pakistan
CEO Lee Eun-young attends the Global Business Convention (GBC) panel hosted by LH
 CEO Lee Eun-young attends the Global Business Convention (GBC) panel hosted by LHAs a panelist at the "2022 LH Global Business Convention (GBC)" held in KOEX today, our CEO Lee Eun-young attended and had a meaningful conversation.The meeting was held to introduce the achievements of LH's Pakistan Karachi Slum feasibility study project, which was joined by Gaia Consultant, and to discuss how to carry out the CDM project, especially in terms of ESG.As part of the CDM project, how will we integrate sustainable development objectives from the initial business preparation stage?This topic was not an easy task.There has been a steady effort between LH and FS collaborative agencies to achieve the two objectives together through a close field survey for more than a year and a process of gathering voices from Pakistan's Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC), local governments and sites.We hope that this project will be launched and become a meaningful best practice for global LH cooperation projects. 
Sign MOU with Gaia Consultant ER-Marine on offshore wind power development
Gaia Consult Inc. is happy to announce the MOU signing with ER Marine today for collaboration to find solution for offshore wind farm development! Esp. GC will contribute to find solutions to: fishermen's challenges ; stakeholder engagement &; gaining 'social license to operate'. GC will contribute to apply international safeguard standards & principles to ensure win-win solutions for all. For developers/investers, this means long-term social risk management and eventually sustainable development.We are excited to work together with ER Marine: We both share passion and professionalism! :)