Our Achievements
Our major achievements since our founding in 2017
Our Achievements

We closely support domestic and overseas development/climate change/renewable energy projects and programs funded and implemented by major national financial institutions, ODA institutions, developers and project executing entities (including government ministries, EDCF, KEITI, GCF and MDBs).

Education, Training, Capacity Building on E&S Safeguards & Gender
  • The 4th GCF Climate Finance Project Curriculum, co-hosted by Inha University Sustainable Management Research Institute & Climate Change Center: Environmental and Social Safeguard and Gender Education(2019)
  • Green Technology Center: Lecture on Environmental & Social, and Gender Safeguard Application to Climate- and MDB- financing projects (2020)
  • Incheon Climate Finance Training Workshop for Public officials in Charge of GCF Project Development in Developing Countries: Training on GCF Concept Note, PPF and Proposal Writing (2020)
  • Green Technology Center: Lecture on Safeguard applications to Korea-ASEAN climate technology cooperation programs (2021)
  • KOICA: Capacity Building Programme for Paraguayan Civil Servants: Lecture on Developing Project Concept Paper (PCPs) and follow-up actions (2021)
  • KEITI: Workshop for KEITI-GCF cooperation project implementation: environmental & social, gender safeguard application workshop (2021)
  • Korea Environment Institute (KEI) Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change (KACCC), Lecture on "Environmental and Social Safeguard and adaptation of Climate Change" (2022)
  • In the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI), lecture during the 2022 overseas expansion support project orientation on “How to apply safeguards when implementing overseas projects." (2022)
  • KEITI, Support for publication of carbon neutral “INSIGHT” webzine mini-report series (2022)
  • KEITI, Prepare best practices for environmental facilities (2023)
  • In the “World Vision”, lecture on Environmental Society Safeguard and Gender (2023)
  • In the “Institute for Climate Change Action”, lecture during the Environmental and Social Safeguard Experts Round Table on "Social Impact Assessment" (2023)
  • 10th Asia Wind Energy Association, Global Consultants, Lecture on "Ocean Wind Power and Social Impact Assessment" (2023)
  • The 9th Climate Change Response Project Seminar, "GCF Project Proposal Know-how: Environmental Society and Gender" lecture (2023)
  • In the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI), lecture on “GCF project development & how to make report for Environmental Social and Gender” (2023)