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Knowledge Leadership

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1st Knowledge & Leadership with YoungJin Park (ESH Specialist) on Apr. 22
  • DATE   2022-11-21
  • VIEWS   323




We`re so excited to kick off our 1st GC Knowledge Leadership workshop today with Yongjin Park former LG energy, sustainability and ESH specialist (now in career transition). 
It has been fun to speak with Yongjin Park on ESG and the role of responsibilities of the private sector to become more impactful.
The session was incredibly practical.
The issues we covered:
-   ESG frameworks
-   Impact vs ESG
-   Climate risks and business impact
-   Role of regulation e.g. Human Rights, Climate change, Health and Safety etc.
-   Biodiversity risks and offsets
 - Elitism & central/peripheral (“field”, “local”) dichotomy 

Great to meet you all face to face!!

Looking forward to posting our next GC Knowledge Leadership workshop.